Storage Space

The NX Series NVRs can utiliize up to 8TB per drive using premier 24/7 security hard drives.  Security hard drives are designed to be in use continuously unlike consumer hard drives that are typically designed to be used about 4-8 hours per day.  Security hard drives are also optimized to stream video and have improved MTBF ratings. The NX3-32/64 can hold up to 8 hard drives for a maximum of 64TB of internal storage
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 NX3 Series

The NX3 NVR is a offers many professional features such a 4K UHD HDMI output, support for up to 12MP IP cameras, high recording bandwidth, RAID (0,1,5,10), and large hard drive capacity.  They are available in either 32 or 64 channels, and each model offers dual ethernet ports which can be set as separate subnets allowing you to isolate the cameras from the customer’s local network.  

Stay Connected

We have apps for smart phones and tablets for either Apple    or Android  devices.  Want to see your cameras on the go?  Just setup your NVR using your external IP address or using the built-in DDNS program and port forward ports 8000 & 554 in your router (or change it to different ports if needed).  You can also port foward port 80 to allow remote connection to your NVR from a web browser or our CMS software. If you need help we are here to assist you in a successful install.
Instruction Manual
NX3-32 Spec Sheet
NX3-64 Spec Sheet
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NX3-32 NX3-64 Number Of Channels 32 64 Signal Format Resolution Main Monitor Resolution Max. Sub Monitor Resolution Max. Max Per Drive Capacity Max Internal Bays Max Total Capacity Front Rear User Interface NIC Interfaces Speed Temperature Range Weight Without HDDs eSATA 1 Rack Space 2U 320mbps (200mbps with RAID) 8 64TB 22 lbs Dimensions Operational Data Power 100-240VAC 14°F to 120°F 17.52" x 18.5" x 3.54" Physical Data Yes Yes (Requires Internet) Yes Yes (Requires Internet) Yes Android and iOS IE, Firefox, & Safari CMS Software CMS Software Additional  Features Digital Zoom Automatic DST  SMART HDD Email Notification Multi-Language Yes Network Access Smart Phone Apps Tablet Apps Webviewer PC Client MAC Client Android and iOS Input Methods Front Panel, Mouse, Remote, Network Interface RJ45 Network DDNS 2 10/100/1000 Storage USB 2 1 8TB HDD RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 Backup Media Format Huge Backup USB Drive, Network *.MP4, Proprietary Format Max: up to 10080 Minutes Playback Playback Speed Synchronous Playback Search 16 Channels @ 1080p x0.25, x0.5, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128 Instant, Date/Time, Event Recording H.264, H.265, MPEG4 VGA, 1MP, 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP, 12MP Continuous, Motion, Sensor, Schedule Max 30 Seconds Max 10 Minutes Compression IP Resolution Max Bit Rate Recording Modes Motion Pre-Recording Motion Post-Recording Output Video 4096x2160p (HDMI) 1920x1080p Input up to 12MP 1/1 G.711 ulaw Alarm Input Output 16 4 Audio Recorded Audio Camera Dependant IP HDMI & VGA HDMI & VGA Input & Output Audio Codec Supported

Ultra High Definition HDMI Output

                  The NX2-Series NVRs has a the capability to output HDMI signals at 4K UHD signal allowing                 your customer to view their cameras in detail that cannot be seen on 1080p.  This output also                 eliminates live view downscaling of IP cameras the exceed 2MP. 
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NVR Available in 32 or 64 Channels